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Confirm the facts and gather the information that will help you make decisions, design strategy, and manage risk

Such investigations might involve:

  • Workers’ compensation cases
  • FELA (Federal Employers’ Liability Act) on-duty injury claims
  • Corporate activity related to potential violation of non-compete agreements
  • Employee absenteeism concerns
  • Retail loss control
  • Residency violations

Properly designed and implemented, corporate surveillance services can translate into significant cost savings.

With founder Clarence M. Kelley’s roots in investigation and law enforcement, CMKA is known for impeccable investigative standards.  We produce high quality surveillance results through a mix of extensive training, field experience, and the most advanced equipment. 

Company-wide, our certified professionals have an advantage you won’t find with any other commercial surveillance firm:  The investigators assigned to your case can access the latest custom-designed surveillance equipment developed by CMKA’s technology subsidiary, Sur-Tec.  These are the same systems used by law enforcement, military, and other government agencies across the country and around the world.

CMKA’s seasoned surveillance investigators are experienced in gathering evidence even in the most difficult circumstances.  They covertly obtain video evidence of the activities in question and can directly report their findings to clients from the field.


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