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Digital forensics investigations

In spite of user logins, passwords, and PINs, determined individuals can breach computer security to gain access to highly sensitive information regarding your finances, operations, and personnel.  And in spite of company policies that limit access and prohibit the use of e-mail and other electronic communication to threaten, harass, or harm individuals, these incidents still happen.

Electronic data that has been deleted, lost, erased, reformatted, or otherwise compromised is not necessarily lost forever.  If your computer security is breached or an employee is involved in threatening or harassing electronic communication, CMKA’s Certified Computer Forensic Analysts can assist you in establishing digital evidence.  Our Digital Forensics team recovers the drive, then analyzes the media and the information it contains.

One of the first companies to perform digital forensics investigations, CMKA is known for its rigorous methodology that produces admissible legal evidence.  In addition to using EnCase® Forensic, the industry standard, our combination of demanding certification requirements and legacy of overall investigative integrity is unparalleled.

Our digital forensics specialists maintain the highest recognized certification from organizations such as ASIS International.  Our in-house digital forensics lab allows us to perform efficient analysis using state-of-the-art equipment and methods.  CMKA maintains control throughout the investigation.  We handle digital forensic investigations from coast to coast, following recognized chain-of-custody procedures.

Next to your people, computer systems and the information they handle represent one of your organization’s most vulnerable assets.  Thus, digital evidence—recovered in a forensically sound method—is increasingly important for viable legal action.  Attorneys often use CMKA computer forensic analysts to provide critical evidence and support expert witness testimony for criminal cases, such as:

  • Illegal reproduction of copyrighted material
  • Sexual harassment
  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Corporate espionage
  • Wrongful termination


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