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Asset Protection

The success of your company depends on your investments in people, product and facility. How will you protect those valuable assets?

Professional unarmed security agents act as your eyes and ears, alert to potential threats, controlling access to your facility, prepared to respond decisively as the situation demands.

While most large guard services offer only standard packages, a premium service is the ideal solution for organizations whose operations and needs - not their size - drive their security requirements. Premium services are different. They are designed specifically to bring professional-quality personnel to your business.

With a premium service, you can focus on your core business and leave the security to the professionals.

The presence of uniformed agents sends a strong, highly visible message. Your facility and your people are secure and protected.

CMKA Premium Asset Protection Services offer exceptional value, flexibility and a level of professionalism and protection that is unmatched in the marketplace. Quite simply, we deliver on our promises.

A more secure work environment contributes to employee satisfaction and retention. Some clients note an increase in productivity, as employees are free to focus on their work rather than concerns for safety. This sense of security reaches beyond the walls of your facility. Families at home feel confident their loved ones are safe at work.

You expect the best from the only security service anywhere with the reputation, experience and integrity of CMKA. We build today's services on the legacy of the late Clarence M. Kelley, former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and C. Thomas Dupriest, former Special Agent of the FBI. They established this business in 1982.

Based in Kansas City, CMKA is locally owned, managed and operated. We are here whenever and wherever you need us.

We are true to our legacy. No other company offers the depth of experience and premium level of service you receive with Clarence M. Kelley and Associates. CMKA professionals deliver on the promise of protection with commitment, vigilance and integrity.

With CMKA, you have a partner to protect your investment.


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