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How is CMKA different?

The following differentiators make CMKA Premium Asset Protection Services the "Premium Brand."

Clarence M. Kelley & Associates, Inc.

Our very name lets your employees, customers, vendors and visitors know that you have chosen to partner with the very best for their security and safety. As you are a leader in your industry, CMKA is a leader in premium security services.

company size

CMKA is large enough to provide a powerful and quality work product, yet at the same time we’re small enough to be flexible to your requirements. Our goal is a very tailored security solution, not “one-size-fits-all.”

local ownership, management & operations

CMKA has been located in the Kansas City metropolitan area for more than 25 years, with our current headquarters in Shawnee, Kansas. You have the attention of the owners, management team and key operations managers who are responsible for your service. In addition, our area headquarters location supports your efforts to be a good corporate citizen. State and local governments as well as local law enforcement agencies look favorably on local security services because these relationships enhance communications.

High-Caliber Agents

CMKA attracts premium-level security personnel. None without experience, most CMKA agents have law enforcement and/or military backgrounds. Our premium wage, benefits and incentive package gives us the ability to recruit and hire exceptional agents who then provide you with consistent service with a low turnover rate.


Our training package goes far beyond the basics. The initial training typically lasts 36 to 40 hours. CPR and de-escalation training are refreshed annually. CMKA also offers incentives for prescribed, monthly voluntary training, along with on-the-job attendance and performance.

career path for agents

Because CMKA is a full-service security company, diverse in our menu of services, we further motivate our agents to perform well for you. Over time, with exemplary job performance and training, they can progress in the company to advance their careers in the security industry. Elsewhere a “guard” can only look forward to being a guard.

continuous threat assessment

Because Security Assessments represent a core function of our business, we have taken the initiative to educate our agents to be watchful and aware of potential security and safety breaches and report them accordingly. Additionally, our team of subject matter experts is behind that agent and can become involved in more depth if needed.

armed capabilities

Whether initially or due to unforeseen circumstances, CMKA has the ability to provide armed and/or unarmed agents. There is no need to have two security companies. We can handle both requirements on short notice. Our armed agents are ready to not only supplement our unarmed team; they will coordinate and interject themselves into your security operation smoothly and without business interruption.

team behind the team

CMKA provides total security solutions based on the depth of experience of our subject matter experts. Our “team behind the team” is always available to you to step up and support your overall security needs, long or short term. The effectiveness of a long-term contract, such as one that covers your unarmed guard requirements, allows CMKA to share those cost savings with you through reduced rates for other services, including employment terminations, security audits, investigations and more.

liability insurance

CMKA carries the liability insurance for all services provided. You avoid this overhead cost.

background checks and drug screens

Before we hire our agents, we perform thorough background checks and drug screening. In addition, we perform random drug screens with all our agents.

GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract

Very few security companies, particularly in the Midwest, have achieved this U.S. government certification. GSA credentials speak for themselves in regard to quality, experience and longevity.

CMKA provides the level of protection you expect from a premium uniformed security service.


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