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CMKA delivers value

CMKA delivers value because we do what others don't. We deliver on our promises. And when we deliver, you receive the benefits of CMKA's depth of experience and skills.

You'll witness, first-hand, the top quality performance of your on-site agents. What's more, there are additional resources at work on your behalf. Our "team behind the team" includes professionals with expertise in specific areas, completing the total CMKA team that gives every agent continuous back-up support on demand.

No other premium service offers the caliber of CMKA agents, and no other firm can offer a commitment to our founders' history and exclusive legacy of integrity and performance.

Protect Your Investment

  • If you currently hire employees to provide guard services, consider the economic benefit of reducing headcount by outsourcing. CMKA covers overhead costs, including payroll, health insurance, liability coverage, overtime, training, etc.
  • If you currently use a standard, "one-size-fits-all" service that does not fit your business, switch to a service that matches your needs, situation and vision of an exceptional security services provider.
  • If you currently hire off-duty police officers, your needs must accommodate their availability. Shouldn't it be the other way around? With CMKA, you receive the protection you want, when you need it. You avoid scheduling complications, liability issues and other related challenges.
  • Finally, if you are not currently protecting your people, product and facility with a premium asset protection service, isn't it time?

Uniformed, on-site security personnel makes business sense.


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