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Continuous Threat Assessment

CMKA agents perform continuous threat assessment, constantly surveying your facility for potential problems and alerting you to concerns, both subtle and obvious.

Common practices can quickly transform into security risks. Exterior or other secure doors are propped open. Employees, trying to be helpful, let another person enter a secure area without proper entry codes. Unescorted visitors may move around the premises. Emergency vehicle access is blocked.

By far, CMKA is a cut above the rest. We not only protect your assets today, we constantly assess potential problems so you can take proactive steps toward resolution and problem avoidance.

GSA Credentialing

CMKA has earned elite status as a General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contractor. Given our multiple-award schedule, we are approved to offer a host of services to our Federal partners.

CMKA is contracted by the GSA to provide Security, Facility Management and Emergency Response personnel, under Federal Supply Schedule 084. In accordance with the Federal contract, CMKA maintains strict adherence to the training, testing and performance evaluation standards required by the U.S. Federal Government.

In addition to unarmed (Guard I) and armed (Guard II) provisions, CMKA offers the following service classifications to our Federal partners:

  • Alarm Monitor
  • Corrections Officer
  • Court Security Officer
  • Protection Specialist
  • Rapid Response Officer
  • Program Manager


From initial training to ongoing development, CMKA agents—unarmed and armed—complete intense training programs.

Agents learn to intervene, preventing disputes or harassment from escalating or taking appropriate action to avoid workplace violence. Our training program also covers CPR and other first aid skills.

Our training program follows industry guidelines and protocols as detailed in ASIS International standards. We tailor agent training to your specific site requirements, drawing from nearly 200 modules. Standard training includes:

  • Asset Protection & Security
  • Patrols & Fixed Posts
  • Criminal Law & Criminal Liability
  • Civil Law & Civil Liability
  • Investigations
  • Emergency Situations
  • Pepper Spray
  • Unarmed Personal Control Techniques
  • Physical Security & Crime Prevention
  • Fire Protection & Life Safety
  • Communications
  • Report Writing
  • Human & Public Relations
  • CPR/First Aid/AED
  • Ethics, Deportment & Professional Conduct
  • Continuous Threat Assessment (including Workplace Violence)


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