May 18, 2005


CMKA Protection Specialists Featured on Local Evening News


CMKA Protection Specialists receive state of the art training on an ongoing basis to ensure the safety and security of the client. These techniques are based on the same principles used by the U.S. Secret Service.  Utilizing hands-on training is one of the best methods to prepare for stressful and difficult situations when they arise. Chad Clayton, Director - Protective Services Division, says,


“You have to put yourself in the mindset to remain calm. That is why we walk through these situations.  If you get agitated or excited, it will only make the situation worse. Training prepares us to be able to process the information quickly, and calmly to make the right decision.”  


Although the general thinking is, “it will never happen here”, according to a USA Today study, in an average week in U.S. workplaces, one employee is killed and at least 25 are seriously injured in violent assaults by current or former coworkers. The training CMKA Protection Specialists receive prepares them for when it does happen here. The training that took place on May 18, involved many real-life scenarios including: hostage recovery, workplace violence assaults, and client transportation. To see a live clip of the training covered on KCTV5 click here.